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ASHCA Invites Ag Safety Innovators to Apply for Grants

The Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America (ASHCA) will make available safety grants for 2017.  These grants, generally $10,000 or less, are intended to encourage ag safety interventions at the local and regional level which promise potential for widespread adoption and use across the agriculture industry.

We are excited to announce our fourth year of safety grants,” said ASHCA Chair Leon Graves, who represents the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery.

ASHCA, a not-for-profit coalition of agribusinesses, producer organizations and safety professionals, has set a letter of intent deadline of December 15, 2016. The letter of intent form is available at http://ashca.org/programs/safety-grants/2017-safety-grants/letter-of-intent-form/.  Information regarding eligibility, priorities, application instructions and frequently asked questions is available at http://ashca.org/programs/safety-grants/2017-safety-grants/.

“An ideal grant proposal is one that comes from a small company or organization wanting to provide hands-on safety training to ag workers using an evidence-based safety program,” Graves said. “The applicant should show a matched contribution from other sponsors and/or in-kind support from safety consultants or trainers.” Applicants will also agree to allow ASHCA to freely share the innovations developed with the agriculture community going forward.

Priority will be given to:

  • Programs that encourage building a broad culture of safety in agricultural enterprises by engaging both management and workers in the planning and implementation of successful injury reduction programs.
  • “Hands-on” training initiatives that will increase workers’ adoption of proven safety practices and be sustained beyond the grant period.
  • Programs that facilitate and encourage widespread sharing of agricultural safety and health initiatives and whose product can be widely communicated, shared, and implemented.
  • Programs that encourage continuing professional education and development, as well as encouraging next-generations to participate in agricultural safety and health careers.
  • Initiatives that reach everyone, at every job level and role, in the agricultural workforce.

Previous grants have addressed onsite safety training, development of a mobile app, personal protective equipment, safe play zones for farmworker children and other topics.

Individuals, organizations and businesses can support ASHCA’s Safety Grants program with financial contributions and/or “in-kind” support.




We believe in safe agricultural work environments that result in healthy lives and profitable farms.  If you want to influence and advocate for a culture of safety within agriculture, come join us!